Enchanting itinerary through the chestnut trees composed of both paved and unpaved roads. (all paved roads are not traffic congested).

You leave from Montecatini Terme and you then reach Pescia.  First on unpaved then on paved-but not congested- roads you ride your bike along the Pescia river in a pleasantly shady area.

After travelling for about 21km, you make a change in direction taking an unpaved road that leads to a ford along the Pescia river. Right on the other side there is another unpaved road that leads to a chestnut wood first and to Serra Pistoiese then.

After reaching the village, you continue on unpaved roads through the chestnut woods first upwards then downwards until Panicagliora.

From Panicagliora, alternating unpaved and paved stretches of road, you return to Montecatini Terme.



Refreshment points on the itinerary