Every season is the right season to discover Collodi. It is a place full of historical memories and beauties to admire. But above all it is connected with Carlo Lorenzini’s life, the so called Collodi, the author of the Adventures of Pinocchio. The writer and his mother were both born in Collodi. As a child and an adult he spent long time with his mother’s family, choosing the name of this town as his pen name.

Nowadays if we talk about Collodi, the name of this town reminds us of  Pinocchio and his author, the protagonists of one of the most popular books ever written in the world. The closer we get to the town the easier we can see the old village called Castello di Collodi (Castle of Collodi), located at about 244mts above sea level.

The only contemporary part of the Garzoni Garden is the  Collodi Butterfly House ®, a wonderful free standing building/nursery made of stone and plate glass. Here the visitor is fully surrounded by an exotic garden where everyday dozens of the most enchanting  butterflies, including butterflies from tropical and equatorial areas, court, feed themselves from flowers and reproduce.

A few meters away from the Garzoni Garden you can find the Park of Pinocchio, a place of art, architecture and entertainment, where the garden, its sculptures and  mosaic make both adults and children  live again the gentle charm of the Adventures of Pinocchio.

For those who like walking in the countryside, departing from Collodi it is possible to reach Pescia (and vice-versa) going through the so called Via della Fiaba (the Fable Road), an easy itinerary of about an hour and a half which for a stretch follows a Roman road, and gives you the chance to admire a rural landscape, embellished with country villas and olive trees.