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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy in accordante with law art.n.13 of the decree n.196 dated June 30th 2003

According to the decree n.196 dated June 30th 2003 about regulations regarding the defense of natural persons and how their personal data are processed, the person concerned must be pre-emptively informed about how their data will be processed. Also personal data can be processed only by giving the explicit consent to the use of personal information, except for expected cases by the law.

This decree is about the processing of personal data, that is to say any kind of procedure or entirety of procedures implemented with or without the help of any electronic devices meant for collecting, recording, storing, consulting, processing, modifying, selecting, comparing, using, sharing, blocking, communicating, cancelling the data, even if the data are not stored in a database.

The decree n.196 dated June 30th 2003 maintains that the person concerned or the person who collects the data must be either pre-emptively orally or in writing informed of what follows.

This privacy policy is only valid for the web site www.bikeexperience.tuscany.it and is not meant to be valid for any other website that may visited by clicking on a link.

This privacy policy follows what recommended by the European Authorities in 2001 ref.n.1 on the subject of personal data protection, after their gathering in the Group in accordance with law art.n29 of the decree n.95/46/CE. In this instance on May 17th 2001 the European Authorities agreed upon the minimum requirements for on line personal data collection, and more specifically the modality, the timing and the nature of the information that the data controller has to give to the web users when they surf the net independently of the purpose of the web connection.



The data controller is the cooperative firm named P.A.M., located in via Palestro, n.2, zip code 51016, Montecatini Terme.



The personal data are processed by P.A.M. for administrative and accounting purposes connected with the web site www.bikeexperience.tuscany.it, such as:

– Fulfillment of accounting obligations

– management of clients



Personal data which are processed by the controller come directly from the concerned persons. All data are processed with confidentiality in accordance with current law. The data controller shall process the personal data in a legal and proper way. Also it shall collect the information and file it for well determined purposes and use it in different stages of the process in a compatible way.

Furthermore the data controller shall verify that the information is correct, updated, relevant, complete and not exceeding the purposes for which it has been collected and then processed. The data controller shall also store the information regarding the person concerned for a period of time which must not be longer than the time that is necessary in order to reach the targets for which the information has been collected and then processed.


Natural persons, categories of natural persons to whom the data may be given

Companies or outer individuals who are involved in activities that are strictly connected with the business partnership such as:

  • Companies that we control and we are partners with within the European community
  • Lending institutions
  • Free lance professionals and consultants


Navigation data

The computer systems and software procedures that this web site is based on, while they work, collect some personal information whose processing is implicitly connected with the Internet protocols.

This information is not collected in order to associate it to the persons concerned, but because of the type this information is about, it may allow, through processing and associating it, to identify the users.

These are some of the things that fall within this category of data: the IP addresses, or the names used by the users who log on, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses, the time of the request, the method that is used to make the request to the server, the size of the file sent as a reply by the server (positive ending, error, etc) and other parameters connected with the operating system and the computer environment used by the user.

This information is only collected in order to have anonymous statistical information regarding how the web site is consulted and whether the web site works properly or not. Once the data are collected they get cancelled right after being processed. The data might be used for the verification of any responsibility in case of cyber crimes to the detriment of the web site. Except for this possibility, the data will not last more than seven days.


Data that are voluntarily given by the users

The discretionary, explicit and voluntary transmission of e mails to the addresses mentioned in the web site entails the capture of the sender’s address, which is essential in order to reply to the requests, as well as additional information contained in the message.

Specific information will be gradually given on the pages of the web site that contain specific services by request.



No personal data of this kind is collected by the web site.

No cookies are used for the transmission of personal information. No permanent cookies of any kind are used so there is no way to track the users.

The cookies regarding the single work session is strictly connected with the transmission of the data that are necessary for the work session to work properly. The cookies of this type are nothing else but random numbers that are created by the server in order to guarantee the safe and efficient web surfing.

The session cookies prevent the recourse to other computer technologies which are potentially detrimental not for this reason not able to guarantee the privacy of the users and of their personal data.


The way data are processed

Personal data are processed through various kinds of manual, computer and telematic instruments. All these instruments have to guarantee the safety and privacy of data themselves.

In any case the protection of personal data has to be guaranteed by the data controller.


Categories of natural persons to whom it is possible to communicate the data

it is important to point out that all personal data will not be divulged to third parties.


Rights reported in the law art.n7

We also want to inform that in accordance with the art.n 7 of the law decree dated June 30th 2003 n.196, the users have specific rights which are listed as follows.

  1. the concerned person has the right to know whether there are personal data or not, even if they are not registered. The concerned person had also the right to obtain the data in an intelligible way.
  2. the concerned person has the right to know:
    1. where the data are from;
    2. how the data are used and processed;
    3. how data are processed through electronic instruments;
    4. the personal information of the data controller, of the natural persons in charge and the designated representative in accordance with the law article n.5, paragraph n.2.
    5. the natural persons or the categories of natural persons to whom the personal data may be divulged or those who know the data as designed representatives or natural persons in charge.
  3. the concerned person has also the right to know:
    1. the updating, the rectification or the integration of data;
    2. the cancellation, the conversion into an anonymous form or the block of the data that have been processed against the law, including the data whose storage is not necessary in accordance with the aims for which that data have been collected and then processed.
    3. the statement that the procedures described above in letters a) and b) are known as for their content by those the data were communicated or sent to, excepting when this fulfillment is not possible or when it involves excessive means compared with the right that is being protected.
  4. the concerned person has the right to oppose entirely or partially:
    1. for legitimate reasons against the processing of their personal data concerning the purpose of the data collection;
    2. against the processing of their own personal data for sending advertising material, selling goods or performing market research or business communication.

Further information may be requested to the data controller P.A.M., Soc.Coop located in Via Palestro n.2, 51016 Montecatini Terme.