The Marsh Land of Fucecchio is the widest marsh land in Italy. With its 1800 hectares, the land covers an area that goes from Pistoia to Florence.  Various water streams pours into the canal called Usciana, Nievole,  Pescia Nuova, Pescia di Pescia, Pescia di Collodi , Borra, Salsero and Vinci. The canal itself, after about 18km is the only  outflowing stream that the marsh land has.

The natural  jewel of Montalbano, this is a good definition for the Marsh Land of Fucecchio. A large area rich of local flora and fauna of great interest: from the royal fern to various types of water lilies, from the Hydrocaris morsus-ranae, to the Utricularia (a carnivorous plant), from the herons (among which the wonderful squacco herons)  that nest in colonies, to cranes and black storks for a total number of more than 200 types of birds. A downright paradise for those who love nature and birdwatching.

In addition to its natural beauties, the marsh land is also important because of the historical testimonies that connect is to the Medici Family and Lorena Family, who reclaimed the area and made the agricultural area larger. At the same time fishing and hunting activities developed as well as the processing of marsh plants. So the marsh land became a fundamental point for the  carriage of goods that used to take place along the canals and for the access to Valdinievole and Florence thanks to the building of new roads around the marsh land.  There are still ports, canals, the bridge built by the Medici family in Cappiano along the Francigena road, and the tobacco drying kilns. The most recent historical event, a nazi massacre,  connected to the marsh land dates back to August 23rd 1944.

Thanks to a few artisans there are still some traditional activities connected with the processing of marsh plants to produce baskets, cane chairs and wicker wine bottles.

According to the season when you decide to come and see the area, there are various things to do. So a good suggestion would be to ask for further info or organize guided tours. Please contact:

Center RDP Padule di Fucecchio
tel. 0573/84540
email: fucecchio@zoneumidetoscane