Departure from the Park in Montecatini Terme. The itinerary goes along secondary roads until taking a white road which leads directly to the marshland. From here the route twists and turns along white roads and narrow paths along the canals. This area once marshy then reclaimed is full of migratory birds that can be easily admired. We may observe egrets, herons, coots and similar.

Throughout the year it is possible to enjoy unique sunsets and for this reason the itinerary is absolutely great for those who like naturalistic  photography

The tour then continues towards the Crocialoni lake, which we run along through a nice shady path, stopping every once in a while to have refreshments and take pictures.

Whenever you feel like going back home, just ride your bike along the same route.


Points of interest: vecchia dogana del Capannone, natural environment, various monuments

Refreshments points: Loc. Anchione “Il ristoro”

More info about author: Toscanabike is an association composed of guides and instructors  of  the MTB, which was established in order to promote  the use of the mountain bike as privileged mean of transport to explore the land.


Refreshment points on the itinerary