It mainly consists of a cycling ring, suitable for both trekking bikes and mountain bikes because the itinerary is composed of both paved and unpaved roads.

You leave from Vinci heading towards north, following directions for Leonardo’s birthplace in Anchiano.

Leonardo’s house is part of the museum system in Vinci and can be seen every day. For further info +39 0571 568012.

Once in Anchiano, you continue heading towards FALTOGNANO where it is possible to have some refreshments at an “appalto”, a small grocery store. For those who are well trained it may be possible to make a change of schedule by seeing  the church of Faltognano with its centuries-old holly tree, a monumental tree overviewing the surrounding area, easily reachable thanks to local precise directions.  After leaving Faltognano, you head towards south, through a stretch of olive trees, until reaching a crossroads where you find indications for Vitolini-Carmignano to the left, Empoli straight ahead and Vinci to the right. Then you continue on a paved road until reaching the directions for SAN DONATO to the left. After a little while the road turns from paved into unpaved and it continues until crossing the SP (the country road) that leads to Vinci. You then cross that road and go straight ahead until reaching Vinci. Before going back on paved roads you may stop a little while and have an artisan honey tasting at the local beekeeping farm run by Mauro Cristofori.


Points of interest: Vinci, Leonardo’s house and museum, Anchiano and Faltognano

Refreshment points: “Appalto” (grocery store), artisan honey tasting Cristofori

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